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Skill Training Class
(18 years to 21 years)

Skill Training Classes at school level provided the neuro-muscular co-ordination to these children and is very helpful to them at the Vocational Training Classes at the Sheltered Workshop.

In order to be successful in life, everyone needs to master certain social skills, including people with intellectual disabilities (intellectual developmental disorder, formerly mental retardation). These skills enable people to function well in any social situation (work, school, and interpersonal relationships); but, these skills tend to be lacking in people with intellectual disabilities.

Good social skills also require behavioral management skills. For example, impulses must be kept under control across a wide variety of social situations. Adequate self-care and grooming skills must also be demonstrated. People with intellectual disablities often need to be explicitly taught self-management skills such as refraining from talking out of turn, and speaking at an appropriate volume when conversing. They also need to learn the importance of following rules and complying with social conventions, such as waiting in line to purchase a ticket, post a letter or even go shopping.

Skills Training Class enables students to practice realistic social interactions in a classroom laboratory environment where they can make mistakes and receive corrective feedback, and be rewarded for correct responses. Although not identical to real-life interactions, role-played interactions are similar enough to real-life interactions that the learning experience is easily generalized to real-life situations. In addition, students are often given homework assignments to note and record real-life experiences that required the use of the skill they learned that week and to demonstrate how they handled the situation.