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Sheltered Workshop Semangat Maju Ipoh

Date: 27 Oct 2012 Author: admin Categories: Centres

Our Sheltered Workshop had its humble beginning at the dilapidated garage in the compound of Sekolah Semangat Maju on 1st December 1991. We started off with 7 participants and to-date we have 79 participants. Out of this 79 participants 32 of them are gainfully employed in factories in Ipoh. A few more have gone to other states and are also gainfully employed. The rest are working either at the Sheltered Workshop or at the Sheltered Factory.

Our early days were full of obstacles and prejudices.. Slowly but surely and through a lot of trial and error we learnt and became more adept in building up the Vocational Programme and the Sheltered Workshop. More people began to accept and understand the needs and capabilities of our participants. Offer of work came in and we proved to our supporters that the mentally disabled people could work too.